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Note. Each school, district, community and nation has the potential to leapfrog and distinguish itself in its individual way. Rather than providing prescriptions on how to leapfrog, these resources are intended to provide ideas for starting points on where your organization might begin.

Blogs on innovation in education

Education Futures – Education Futures explores a New Paradigm in human capital development, fueled by globalization, the rise of innovative knowledge societies, and driven by exponential, accelerating change.

Examples of leapfrogging in education

A review of several Chinese m-learning devices – How are the Chinese thinking of leapfrogging the world in language education?

Owatonna’s innovative 5th grade classroom
– Using technology purposively.

Leapfrog-oriented organizations

Destination ImagiNation – DI is a community-based, non-profit, volunteer-driven educational organization that teaches young people from Kindergarten through University-level the critical and creative thinking skills needed for success in the 21st Century.

White Papers

Technology and Education: Leapfrogging from Present to Future [PDF]

Technology and Education: Stumbling from Past to Present


Leapfrog Education: An Alternative Present and Future for Chinese Tertiary Education [PDF]

The Significance of Leapfrog Education Development in China [PDF]

Leapfrog Principles and Practices: Core Components of Education 3.0 and 4.0 [PDF]

The Role of Leapfrogging in the Future of Youth Work and Workforce Preparation© [PDF]

Utilizing Digital Technology to Achieve Leapfrog Learning [PDF]

Technological Applications of Leapfrog [PDF]

Teacher Training and Upgrading via Leapfrog: Four Scenarios of Teacher Training Curriculum in China [PDF]

The Leapfrog Principle and Paradigm Shifts in Education [PDF]