University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota

Working with Leapfrog Initiatives

Schools and other organizations can partner with Leapfrog Initiatives to:

  • Have access to faculty and/or Ph.D.-level Leapfrog experts
  • Participate in online discussions with other partners via the Leapfrog Initiatives website
  • Opportunities to share innovative ideas and connect with other partners

Leapfrog Institutes provides

  1. Administrator, faculty and staff updates on emerging technologies, applied creativity and innovation
  2. Hands-on techniques, such as Creativity Cells and Innovation Cells
  3. Efficient approaches to Cell development
  4. Productive ways to use extracurricular time to prepare kids for the 21st Century
  5. Membership in a global network of creative and innovative people and schools

For more information on how your institution can partner with Leapfrog Initiatives, please contact:

Dr. Arthur Harkins
Leapfrog Initiatives