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Invisible Learning released

Leapfrog Insititutes’ John Moravec is pleased to announce that the Spanish edition of his new book (written together with Cristóbal Cobo, Oxford Internet Institute), Invisible Learning (Aprendizaje Invisible), has just been released by the University of Barcelona (Col·lecció Transmedia XXI. Laboratori de Mitjans Interactius / Publicacions i Edicions de la Universitat de Barcelona). The e-book [...]

Cobo and Moravec discuss Invisible Learning

John Moravec and Cristóbal Cobo engage in a one-on-one dialogue on new dimensions for thinking about learning. In this conversation, they share some of the most important ideas developed in the book, Aprendizaje Invisible (Invisible Learning), to be released next week. More information is available at (Note: Conversation alternates between Spanish and English.)

“Reboelje!” – Invisible Learning in the Netherlands

An update from John Moravec: Finally, after several weeks of travel and meetings, I am able to report on the Invisible Learning Tour, which was hosted by NHL in Leeuwarden. The event was an example of self-organization. Given the seed of an idea, three universities, two Sudbury schools, the Knowmads school, and various other partners [...]

Invisible Learning preview

As Cristóbal Cobo (U Oxford) and John Moravec (Leapfrog Institutes, U Minnesota) are working on wrapping up the Invisible Learning book, promotion for the volume is already starting to appear. Although they anticipate its release in February, 2011, they have been giving a few talks on the topic, and we thought we would share some [...]

Leapfrogging toward Knowmad Society at TEDxLaguna

From John Moravec, Leapfrog Institutes: Photo by Cristóbal Cobo On Monday, I participated in TEDxLaguna, the second TEDx event ever held in Mexico. I called for “leapfrogging toward Knowmad Society” (video coming soon). Also, Leapfrog Institutes collaborator,Cristóbal Cobo, shared an overview and invitation to join our UMN-FLACSO Invisible Learning project. Videos of the talks will [...]

Invisible Learning conversation with Knowmads – Monday, June 7

20:00 Netherlands and España 13:00 U.S. CDT and Mexico 15:00 Argentina 19:00 Portugal 21:00 Finland 14:00 Chile Next Monday, June 7, the Invisible Learning project invites you to participate in an open webinar with our invited guests: Knowmads (Amsterdam, Netherlands), a creative, entrepreneurial school for developing entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in this [...]

Invisible Learning (an invitation)

Cristóbal Cobo (FLACSO-Mexico) and John Moravec (Leapfrog Institutes) are pleased to announce the Invisible Learning (Aprendizaje Invisible) project –and your participation is invited! Invisible Learning // Aprendizaje Invisible is collaborative book (in English and Spanish) and an online repository of bold ideas for designing cultures of sustainable innovation. Through the development of 1) a collaborative, [...]