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Invisible Learning preview

As Cristóbal Cobo (U Oxford) and John Moravec (Leapfrog Institutes, U Minnesota) are working on wrapping up the Invisible Learning book, promotion for the volume is already starting to appear. Although they anticipate its release in February, 2011, they have been giving a few talks on the topic, and we thought we would share some [...]

Leapfrogging toward Knowmad Society at TEDxLaguna

From John Moravec, Leapfrog Institutes: Photo by Cristóbal Cobo On Monday, I participated in TEDxLaguna, the second TEDx event ever held in Mexico. I called for “leapfrogging toward Knowmad Society” (video coming soon). Also, Leapfrog Institutes collaborator,Cristóbal Cobo, shared an overview and invitation to join our UMN-FLACSO Invisible Learning project. Videos of the talks will [...]

Invisible Learning conversation with Knowmads – Monday, June 7

20:00 Netherlands and España 13:00 U.S. CDT and Mexico 15:00 Argentina 19:00 Portugal 21:00 Finland 14:00 Chile Next Monday, June 7, the Invisible Learning project invites you to participate in an open webinar with our invited guests: Knowmads (Amsterdam, Netherlands), a creative, entrepreneurial school for developing entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in this [...]