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University of Minnesota

Booksprint on the Future of Education

Booksprint_Pres_CIES2013Leapfrog Initiatives partnered with the Dept. of Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development’s student-led Technology Redesign Task Group to host a “Booksprint” during the first weekend of March. The purpose of the booksprint was to produce a series of infographic posters that illustrate how three emerging technologies; 3D printing, augmented reality, and robotics, could influence education in the future. The event brought nearly 20 University of Minnesota students together from several of the University’s colleges and programs for a weekend of creative collaboration and futuring. The students constructed vivid scenarios of possible futures for education and selected the most optimal of them to illustrate what education can look like if educators, administrators and policy makers are open and proactive in regards to the change potential of the technologies discussed. These optimal futures will be illustrated on a series of infographic posters that will be displayed throughout the College of Education and Human Development’s buildings and made available on the Leapfrog Initiatives website. The group has also prepared a website for further discussion on the future of education once the posters are made available. The infographic posters and the new website will be made available in the next week.

Alfonso Sintjago and Tryggvi Thayer presented their paper on the booksprint at the Comparative and International Education Society’s annual conference currently ongoing in New Orleans. The slides for the presentation are available here.

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