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LFI to Partner with Technology Redesign Task Group for a “booksprint” on the future of technology and education

booksprintDuring the first weekend in March, 2013, Leapfrog Initiatives will partner with the Dept. of Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development’s student-led Technology Redesign Task Group to conduct a “Booksprint” on the impact of emerging and anticipated technologies on education. Participants will be selected based on skills and knowledge needs. All students, staff and faculty of the University of Minnesota may apply. Those interested should contact the Booksprint coordinators by email: Alfonso Sintjago ( or Tryggvi Thayer ( When contacting the coordinators, please include a list of skills and knowledge that you can bring to the project in your email. Among the particular skills and knowledge needed are, graphic design, web development, knowledge about technological development (in particular emerging technologies), pedagogy, educational innovation, etc.

The Booksprints method was developed as a means of producing high quality publications in a matter of days through intensive open collaboration. The method has especially been useful for producing manuals for open source software. Each booksprint takes no more than 5 days and results in a publication that is immediately available for electronic or print-on-demand distribution. Most recently, the method has been used for a range of projects, including a Finnish mathematics textbook, a book on Open Educational Resources and many more.

The goal of the TRTG/LFI Booksprint will be to produce a series of “infographics” mapping participants’ visions of the future of technology and education. The resulting infographics will be distributed electronically on the LFI website and printed as posters to displayed throughout the University of Minnesota’s College of Education and Human Development buildings. They will serve as a reminder of how technology can, could and should affect education over the longterm thereby fostering deeper appreciation of the importance of planning for the future in times of increasingly rapid change. In addition to the infographics, participants will develop a website, to be hosted on the LFI web, where topics will be further explored in a public online forum.

 Image is CC 2011 by Frank Kresin Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

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